About Private Styling

Looking for a crash course in personal style? Tracy can help you define, refine or reinvent your style to suit your body, colouring and personality. Private styling sessions are all about empowering you to understand style fundamentals and leverage them to work for you.


Private styling is for you if:

  • You don't have a personal style per se, and you're ready to define it
  • You have a personal style, but could use help with the details
  • You have a personal style, but you're tired of it and ready to reinvent your image


What Private Styling will do for you:

  • Assess the story your current style is telling about you
  • Define, refine or reinvent your personal style to tell a different story
  • Identify your body shape, and learn how to dress everyday to flatter your figure
  • Learn how to dress age-appropriately – and when to bend the rules
  • Discover your most flattering colours and how to play them up
  • Learn how to accessorize like a pro and which accessories are most you
  • Develop personal shopping filters, so you can focus on your wardrobe
  • Fit yourself with the most flattering undergarments and shapewear
  • Curate an intentional wardrobe of timeless essentials
  • Learn how to add seasonal pieces that stud your wardrobe with personality
  • Build your confidence by looking and feeling like a million bucks