About Senior Styling

Adding candles to your birthday cake does not call for dressing less than your best. As we age, access to stylish, flattering clothing is more challenging to come by. If your loved one is facing age, illness or mobility issues, they can still put their best face forward.


Senior styling is for you if:

  • Your loved one faces illness or mobility issues that make dressing a challenge
  • Your loved one cares about aging gracefully
  • Your loved one is tired of the options available for seniors
  • Your loved one is looking for comfortable, adaptive, stylish options
  • You don’t have the time or expertise to shop for your loved one


What Senior Styling will do for you:

  • Get expertise from a professional image consultant to help your loved one age gracefully
  • Learn what pieces to look for – for comfort, function and style
  • Know where to shop for your loved one’s style and needs
  • Leave the shopping to the pro to save yourself time and money