Preeminent image consultant Tracy Richardson is a trusted stylist to some of North America's most-loved and best-dressed stars.


From the big screen to local television, Tracy's eye for colour, attention to detail, and flair for flattering her clientele's best features has garnered her a name in the echelon of media and celebrity stylists as an image consultant, stylist and makeup artist.

With over 25 years in the business, Tracy has styled the who's who of Hollywood, network stars, political movers and shakers, Fortune 500 business executives, and Canada's #1 entertainment show Entertainment Tonight.

She's created certificate programs and led workshops for colleges across the country, and she educates stylists, image consultants and makeup artists from the fashion industry, television and film in the language of timeless style.

What is an image consultant?

Image is about more than how you look – it's your first impression, from the words you speak to the confidence you exude. As an image consultant, Tracy helps clients fine-tune their personal brand, from common mannerisms to style, teaching you how to dress for your body, colouring and personality. From communication to accessories, hair and makeup, no detail is overlooked.


What is style?

Style can feel intangible, evasive. Tracy will dispel the myth: style is simple, and it can be learned. It's all about training your eye to see shapes, colours, patterns, textures, drape and proportions. Tracy will teach you the ins and outs of these style fundamentals and how to leverage them to your advantage to tell a compelling story about who you are. Whatever your body shape or colouring, age or personality, style can be yours.