About Wardrobe Audits

Before you can confidently shop for your wardrobe, you need to know what you already own – and what you're missing. Most of us have closets packed with clothing that we don't wear because it's old, doesn't fit or flatter us. It's time to tailor your wardrobe to work for you.


A Wardrobe Audit is for you if:

  • You have hoards of clothes, but "nothing to wear"
  • You can't possibly buy anything new without getting rid of something first
  • You can't tell the clutter from the winners in your wardrobe
  • You don't know what's salvageable in your wardrobe
  • You want to build a versatile wardrobe – and always have something to wear
  • You don't know how to play to trends with your wardrobe
  • Your body shape has changed – but your wardrobe hasn't changed with it


What a Wardrobe Audit will do for you:

  • Inventory what's hanging in your closet and stuffed in your drawers
  • Discover what your shopping and style patterns are
  • Try on all of your garments in front of a mirror to learn why a piece works (or doesn't)
  • Learn when a piece should be altered, consigned or donated
  • Understand the benefits of owning fewer pieces of higher quality
  • Embrace the versatility (and economy) of a quality mix-and-match wardrobe
  • Help you look and feel beautiful