About Corporate Styling

Whatever your career, looking your best creates an image of professionalism and confidence. Defining and refining your style as a professional inspires an air of credibility and authority – it's an extension of your corporate brand and marketing strategy.


Corporate styling is for you if:

  • Professionals who want to up their image in the office or the industry
  • Entrepreneurs, managers, executives – and every professional in between


What corporate styling will do for you:

  • Learn how image shapes your professional brand and marketing strategy
  • Learn how style can enhance appearance, confidence and performance
  • Define your style in the workplace – whether you work for a corporation or a start-up
  • Use your wardrobe to up your credibility in your current position
  • Learn how to mix colour and pattern to establish a sense of style and authority
  • Choose makeup and hair styles that suit your position and your personality